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Stephanie Scurr

Stephanie Scurr

Lead Consultant


My Story

I decided to join the scentsy family adventure because I wanted to do something for me, that was just for me and for no one else, something that would help my confidence as a person and enable me to meet new people and something outside of my comfort zone.
I chose scentsy because of what they believe in and their motto; Simplicity, Generosity and Contribute more then you take. I do this by helping with silent auction items, spot prizes and just donations because I can. I love to help and give just because I can with nothing expected in return - can you say the same?

My story is very personal and very challenging to listen to;
Your mental health is so important, mine took a tumble about 14 years ago and I never want to go back to being that person that their was no light at the end of the tunnel and that the world was better off without me in it! In 2017 I ended my relationship with my husband after being married for 6 years and together for nearly 10 years, I went to Australia by myself for 3 weeks; knowing no one until I got to Melbourne staying in a hostel and then I went to Brisbane again knowing no one! I needed this, to take a break from my current state of my mind at the time before I went wasnt very good, I was tired, over it and upset most of the time, my depression was taking over and my PTSD was running rampent, when I got back from aussie after not hearing a peep from my "ex"husband for 8 months, no I miss you, can we work it out? no i hate yous; other then facebook stalking me on fake profiles I filed for divorce! you see id moved out to my parents place in 2015 (mum and step dad) after mum went to christchurch to care for my dying grand father and it gave my step dad a chance to come and go from here and there, then he found a job down there so i stayed permanently out here in the country and never left! One thing that never wavered and stood stead-fast in all of this was my scentsy business and all the people ive met thru it, no judgement, no mean words, just encouragement and friends! Scentsy gives me hope for the future!

What got me thru the days when it was all to much?
Well my full-time job I work with dogs and do photography! They were my saving grace, without them im not sure sometimes if I still would be here today. Over the years dogs have always lead me back to where I needed to be and to this day it still hurts and often makes me cry when I think of the time that the black dog had me firmly in its grasp I spoke to a crowd of over 100 people in 2017 about my story, my past and my childhood; I met the mayor and a whole pile of other important people to tell them about being a domestic abuse surivor, and PTSD and depression survior and to tell everyone that there is HOPE if only you could see it!

They say that when you are able to tell your story and when it no longer makes you cry then you have healed, 3 years after grandad has gone and 14 years after that no light ahead tunnel it still hurts and it still brings me to tears; so maybe we never really get over these things?

Sometimes you just have to let those tears flow and feelings shatter to a thousand pieces on the floor to be able to feel the world again and start anew on the road that you want to be on for now, where ever you are is exactly where you are meant to be! If you could size the size of the blessing coming you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting in your mind and spirit.

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